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Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone has a nice, safe New Year’s eve. This should have been posted earlier. But life catches up at times. Keep the hints handy to use next year. Know what a distributer cap looks like and how … Continue reading

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Christmas Trees

In the 1950s the Christmas tree was the one iconic item the whole season was built around, or it was in our house. My parents spent a lot of time picking out the perfect tree from the selection available while … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Day

As Turkey Day approaches I am trying to decide why women across the United States work themselves into a frenzy each year tying to prepare a huge meal. I think we all need aprons or t-shirts proclaiming that we’ve survived … Continue reading

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Keeping a Sense of Humor

It is darn difficult during the hectic holiday season. Everyone around you gets a little crazier each day and that can make you completely nuts. A season of peace it sure as hell isn’t. I decided years ago to just … Continue reading

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He’s been gone for many years but he is still missed. I’d love for the phone to ring and hear him again. He always used to say “Diane? This is your father.” And that never failed to crack me up. … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

Sunday I found myself remembering my Mother and part of what I remember best was her cooking. The truth is the lady could not cook very well. In her defense she had not been taught how to cook as a … Continue reading

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Kitchen Textiles

For some reason kitchen textiles popped into my mind today. Maybe it is because I need to sort out some things in one of the closets and it includes tablecloths and napkins, tea towels, etc. that had been my Mother’s. … Continue reading

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