Panned Vegetables

This recipe for panned vegetables was published in a U.S. Department of Agriculture booklet titled “Family Fare – food management and recipes”. It is dated July 1955. The 96 page booklet is typical of publications during the time period. It seems aimed at young housewives who are trying to save money while feeding their families good tasting meals.

It is a handy recipe because it can use a wide variety of vegetables. This was a typical method of cooking vegetables during the early part of the 20th. Century. The results are good and it’s a recipe you will use often. It is basic enough to allow for personal touches.

Panned Vegetables

Use cabbage, kale, collards, spinach, okra, or summer squash.

Finely shred cabbage, kale, collards or spinach. Slice okra or summer squash thin.

For 4 servings use 2 quarts of spinach; 1 quart cabbage, kale, or collards; 3 cups okra or summer squash. Measure vegetables after cutting.

Heat 2 tablespoons table fat or drippings (butter or bacon grease) in a heavy fry pan. Add vegetable and sprinkle with salt. Cover pan to hold in steam. Cook over low heat; stir once in a while to keep from sticking.

Cabbage will be done in 5 to 10 minutes; other vegetables will take longer.


You can use cooking oil instead of butter or bacon grease.

Thinly sliced onion can be added to the vegetable.

Sprinkle with black pepper to taste before serving.

The vegetables are good with a cream, cheese or tomato sauce. Poured over before serving.


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