Debatable Debate

The Presidential debate is finally over. The talking heads on MSNBC are trying to tell us what happened. The heck with them, I watched it and can form my own opinion.

Romney’s campaign said they didn’t need fact checking. It is clear that Romney believes people do not follow what he and Ryan have said during the campaign, He seems to think voters will believe any bald faced lie he says. Truth is not an abstract concept.

It was interesting to see how each network carrying the debate presented it. Fox did not use a split screen. The other networks did most of the time. The split screen allows us to see the reaction of the other candidate and can be very interesting as well as informative.

As much as I like the moderator, he was not good tonight. He permitted both candidates to run over time and allowed Romney to bully him. If this is the “real” Romney he needs to obtain some manners.

Romney came across as a rich kid who is still a very nasty bully. His attitude appeared to be that the moderator and President Obama didn’t matter to him. He was going to “run” things on stage. In other words Romney gave the impression that the moderator who isn’t as rich as he is and a person of color didn’t deserve to be there with him. Perhaps he considers both men as part of the 47% he can ignore.

In my opinion President Obama looked, sounded and acted presidential. Romney did not.

We did learn that Romney can lie with a perfectly straight face and expect you to believe it. It seems Romney doesn’t know or care that people can get online and find proof of what he has said in this campaign about taxes and other issues that he is now lying about. Just go out and dig up almost any campaign speech by Romney or Ryan to find out what they have said.

I believe the President was told or decided not to be aggressive to the rich white dude because if he were the Republicans would make race a larger issue than it already is. I hope he goes after Romney in future debates.

Romney didn’t debate, he gave a campaign speech. I’m not impressed.

The Republicans, for a large part, spent eight years putting the country in the mess it’s in. Any fool can see it will take more than four years to straighten all of it out. The Republicans began the wars, the Gitmo mess and spent the surplus the country had in 2000.

The bottom line, yes I do hate that phrase, GM is still working and Osama is dead. President Obama can take credit for both.  Romney would have let GM go under and Osama keep on living,

A major reason things have not been done is Congress has been holding the nation hostage until they can get another Republican idiot in the White House.

Obama mentioned his wife and their anniversary. That’s nice but that is private business and should not have been mentioned in a timed debate. It might explain why some are saying he didn’t seem to want to be there.

Who won the debate? I’m not sure it matters. Who lost the debate? The citizens of the United States. We deserve two candidates worth voting for.


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A great grandmother living in the middle of the United States. My interests include art, needlework, reading, history, politics, and cooking.
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2 Responses to Debatable Debate

  1. changeforbetterme says:

    I especially like the last part of your post. “Who won the debate? I’m not sure it matters. Who lost the debate? The citizens of the United States. We deserve two candidates worth voting for.” Well said.

  2. I am pleased you liked it. Thank you!

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