Pork Stew Over Rice

Not sure why leftovers have been on my mind the past several days. This recipe is an easy way to use up leftover pork chops or pork roast. Extra vegetables can be added. I would have added carrots to this dish but had none in the house at the time. My better half loves to munch on baby carrots.


• 2 pork chops or other pork about an inch thick pre-cooked
• 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
• ½ large onion, chopped
• 1 large green pepper cut in strips
• 2 large ribs of celery, chopped in 1 inch pieces
• 1 can of diced tomatoes plus 1 can of water
• 2 teaspoons chicken or beef bullion
• 3 teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce
• 2 teaspoons Paprika
• Salt and pepper to taste
• Roux of three tablespoons butter and about a ¼ cup of flour


Slice the meat thinly. Brown the meat in hot oil in large deep pan. Add onion, green pepper and celery. Cook until the onion is transparent. Add can of tomatoes and can of water. Add seasonings. Stir well, cover and simmer over medium low heat for about 1 hour. Mix in the roux and stir until thickened.

Serve over rice.


Heat 1 cup of rice in 2 cups of water. Add 1 teaspoon if you want or a teaspoon of bullion. Heat to boiling, stir once or twice. Cover and simmer for 14 minutes. Do not lift cover or stir. Remove from heat, fluff rice with a fork and recover. Let steam 5 to 10 minutes. Makes 3 cups of rice.


Timing is very important. This is the way I’ve always cooked rice and it comes out perfect every time.


About dwittopinions

A great grandmother living in the middle of the United States. My interests include art, needlework, reading, history, politics, and cooking.
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